Current projects from Chris Coxon & Greg Davidson include…

Some Words…

(In Pre-Production)

Some words are harder to say than others. When you’re 16 life feels like it will last forever, but what if it doesn’t? What would you wish you had said while you still had the chance? Russell and Ash are coming of age and  realising that a true friendship isn’t built on growing up in the same street. Who’s going to come through when things get too real?

Some Words… is an exciting new stage production featuring original contemporary music and an energetic young cast of actors, dancers, singers, musicians, and stunt performers.

Concept album and production news will be released shortly.


(In Development)

It’s 1932 and the snazziest place in London is 27 Holland Park Avenue. If you’re looking for a swell time come and see Lady Austin and her Camp Boys. Dance with a King, a Queenie, or anything in between. Just keep it under your Florentine!

Pansy is the true story of Austin Salmon, better known by the alter-ego “Lady Austin”, and the charges brought against 32 “sexual perverts” living the decadent lifestyle in London’s high society.

“You call us pansies, but before long our cult will be allowed in this country”.

Untitled Theatre Mockumentary

(In Development)

Join award winning* film maker Ashley McGroggin as he guides you through the unseen side of British Theatre. Meet the unsung heroes from behind the scenes. This award winning* documentary follows a year in the life of the ordinary folk who work at the Pam St Clement Theatre in London’s glittering West End.

*Awards may have been awarded by Ashley’s mum.

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